What you'll find on Sundays @ 10

If the battle against evil in any way depended on us, we would be destined for defeat. That’s why the heart of the Christian message is not about empowerment or encouragement. It’s about substitution. In the battle against our greatest enemies, we are spectators rather than participants. 

Join us this Lent as we see how life’s greatest battles have been won by Jesus – and how his victory is ours!


March 6 (Ash Wednesday): Self-Righteous vs. Repentant

March 10: One vs. One

March 17: Comfort vs. Cross

March 24: Shaky vs. Solid Ground

March 31: Works vs. Grace

April 7: Trash vs. Treasure

April 14 (Palm Sunday): Grabbing On vs. Letting Go

April 18 (Holy Thursday): Old vs. New

April 19 (Good Friday): Law vs. Faith