What you'll find on Sundays @ 10

When life is messiest, it also seems loneliest. It’s easy to think there’s no one who’s been in our shoes and no way to get out. Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t help us out of life’s messes by offering advice or even lending a helping hand. His footprints prove he’s walked through the worst of life’s messes for us. Those same footprints have paved our path out. 

Join us as we follow him this Lent!



March 1: Into sin steps righteousness
March 8: Into thirst steps water
March 15: Into work steps faith
March 22: Into blindness steps sight
March 29: Into death steps life
April 5 (Palm Sunday): Into opposition steps surrender
April 9 (Holy Thursday): Into the old steps the new
April 10 (Good Friday): Into repetition steps completion