"They never stopped proclaiming the good news." Acts 5:42

A distinct voice in a noisy world

We live in an increasingly polarized world. The voices of principle and permissiveness are growing louder and more entrenched in their position. Both claim to represent Christ. Dissatisfied with both, many have wandered from the Church.

The heart of the Christian faith – the gospel – is neither one. The gospel (meaning “good news”) is the message of God’s love for us and Christ’s work on our behalf. Amid the deafening disagreement in our world, the gospel often goes unspoken and unheard. In this noisy world, the good news is a distinct voice – and one that people need to hear.

Good News exists to pierce our world’s deafening noise with the distinct voice of the good news.

Our Values

Committed to clarity

In a noisy world, the good news will be heard not by increasing our volume but by maintaining our clarity. That clarity that comes only through unwavering commitment to the Holy Scriptures as the inspired, inerrant Word of God.

Focused on eternity

Our commitment to clarity is not to improve the behavior of individuals or influence the institutions of society but to change lives for eternity. The good news is the best thing we can offer each other, our children, our community, and our world.   

Compelled to quality

Because the good news is the best thing we can offer, we will offer the good news the best we can. In service to our mission, we will gladly and gratefully offer the first and best of everything with which God has blessed us.   

Created for community

The good news erases every line drawn by race, gender, age, and income and restores the communion God intended when he made us. It unites all who believe it as one single family and moves them to show authentic love and compassion for all who do not.   

Steadied by certainty

No matter how tumultuous the times or how difficult the task, the good news calms those who believe it and share it by giving them certainty through Christ’s accomplished victory and the power present in the gospel.