The good news you can expect to hear this Sunday

There are times in life when it feels as though all we can do is "put our heads down" and move forward. Life is so busy and moves so quickly that it takes all we have just to get through each day. It is important, however, that we occasionally stop and look around in order to regain a wider perspective. As we do, Jesus makes sure we're standing in the right spots in order to see life the way he wants us to see it. Join us as Jesus helps us experience "Lightbulb Moments" as we follow him. 

We have weekly in-person services at 9 a.m. Services are also broadcast live on Facebook @ 9 a.m. and posted on YouTube @ approximately 10 a.m. Service videos and materials will also be available on the Watch Online page on our church website.



January 8: The River

January 15: The Crossroads

January 22: The Pew

January 29: The Mountainside, Part 1

February 5: The Mountainside, Part 2

February 12: The Mountainside, Part 3

February 19: The Mountaintop