The good news you can expect to hear this Sunday

Everyone wants to be home for Christmas. We want to be in the right place and with the right people. Whether you’ll be home this Christmas or not, God offers us an even better definition of “home,” and he offers it to us for more than one day. Just as he did in the manger in Bethlehem, God still makes his home among us. In fact, he gives us pinpoint directions to where he is with us – all so that we never have to be without him. Join us as we find our true home – and for more than just Christmas.

We have weekly in-person services at 9 a.m. Services are also broadcast live on Facebook @ 9 a.m. and posted on YouTube @ approximately 10 a.m. Service videos and materials will also be available on the Worship Online page on our church website.



November 27: Immanuel Delivers Presence

December 4: Immanuel Executes Judgment

December 11: The Lord Will Give You a Sign (Children's Christmas Service)

December 18: Immanuel Is Our Good News