The good news you can expect to hear this Sunday

When we’re thirsty, we need to know where to find water. In the same way, when our souls thirst for the things we need from God, we need to know where to turn. Thankfully, God tells us where we can find his greatest blessings on tap. He uses specific channels so his grace can flow freely. Those channels ensure that the blessings we need from him will never dry up.

We have weekly in-person services at 9 a.m. Services are also broadcast live on Facebook @ 9 a.m. and posted on YouTube @ approximately 10 a.m. Service videos and materials will also be available on the Watch Online page on our church website.


Current Series: Life Stream

May 28 (Pentecost): The Final Flow Chart

June 4 (Holy Trinity): Essential Connection

June 11: Strength Test

June 18: Distilled Mercy

June 25: Constant Connection

July 2: Opposing Currents

June 9: Fighting the Current