The good news you can expect to hear this Sunday

Just because everyone shares an assumption about the way life is and how the world works doesn’t mean that assumption is correct. Many of our assumptions need to be cross-examined and corrected. Once his work on earth was complete, Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to do just that. Join us as we see how God’s expert witness exposes our false assumptions and sets the record straight.

We have weekly in-person services at 9 a.m. Services are also broadcast live on Facebook @ 9 a.m. and posted on YouTube @ approximately 10 a.m. Service videos and materials will also be available on the Watch Online page on our church website.


Current Worship Series: Cross-Examined

May 19 (Pentecost): Grief is actually good.

May 26 (Holy Trinity): Unclean is actually cleansed.

June 2: Lawlessness is actually liberty.

June 9: Allies are actually enemies.

June 16: Small is actually strong.

June 23: Unconcerned is actually in control.

June 30: Dead is actually asleep.

July 7: Offense is actually offense.