The good news you can expect to hear this Sunday

When someone has an epiphany, it's not that reality changed. The way they see that reality did. In the same way, having Jesus in our lives doesn't always mean our reality changes. It simply means we see that reality differently. Join us as we see how everything looks better when we have an "Epiphany Orientation."

We have weekly in-person services at 9 a.m. Services are also broadcast live on Facebook @ 9 a.m. and posted on YouTube @ approximately 10 a.m. Service videos and materials will also be available on the Worship Online page on our church website.



January 9: Outsiders in; insiders out

January 16: Ignoring the obvious; evidence for the invisible

January 23: Yes would be less; no means more

January 30: Rejection isn't proof of failure

February 6: Popularity isn't proof of success

February 13: Blessings are cursed; curses are blessed

February 20: Evil is rewarded with good; good isn't.

February 27: Glory is hidden in order to be revealed