Building Project Wish List

From the time we started pursuing land and throughout the entirety of our building project, both members and friends of Good News have been overwhelmingly generous in their support of our efforts to leave a “Lasting Footprint” with the gospel in Mt. Horeb.

As construction nears its completion, our building project wish list presents another opportunity for generosity. Our Wish List list consists of items that either did not fit in our budget or that we decided we could survive without if they weren’t able to be purchased right away. Keeping these items out of the main project budget allowed us maximize the amount of square footage we were able to construct rather than having to scale back.

It is our prayer that members and friends of Good News find special joy in being able to contribute toward the specific items found on this list. While these items aren’t among the “essentials” of the building itself, they will add beauty and functionality to the gospel ministry we carry out within the building.

With Gratitude,

The Members of the Good News Building Committee